Medical Products

Whatever the injury, first response teams require the best in emergency medical products at all times (Meditek). These items can be purchased through many different providers including local retailers, or specialized online resources.

The brands and models of each item can vary from vendor to vendor, so some research may be necessary in order to obtain up to date, top of the line equipment ( When reacting in a distressful time of need, it’s crucial to have all necessary tools at hand. Below is a list of 3 such items that may be of use:

Extrication Collars

These items are used in cases of traumatic head or neck injuries to alleviate pressure and avoid added spinal distress by keeping the head immobilized. When seeking a quality extrication collar you want to look for equipment that is fast, durable and effective like the styles sold with easy to flip up chin guards and adjustable locking settings. These come in miniature child as well as full adult sizes, both with means of adjusting to different head shapes. They are relatively cheap when purchased in a disposable, one time use method.


Defibrillators can be purchased new or refurbished and are used in the delivery of electrical energy application directly to a patient’s chest in the case of irregular heart pulses, or cardiac arrest.

These portable units save lives every day, but also deal with a very high risk region of the human body; this is why it’s important to make sure the equipment you’re working with is certified, or in the case of a refurbished model, recertified for use. These machines are costly, and can run anywhere from the low $1000 range to upwards of $10,000 depending on brand.

Transport Ventilators

Ventilators or respirators are machines used to mechanically flow air in and out of the lungs of patient’s who can’t breathe on their own, or are having a hard time breathing ( Most modern forms of this tool are large and wired, but some forms have been converted into transportable units with small easy to handle masks and minimal tubing.

Very basic disposable forms of these items can be purchased and hand operated as well, but for efficient quality equipment, the newer electronic models are usually preferred. These gadgets can range in price from $5.00 to $6,000 depending on size, brand, and ability.

When stocking the inventory of your medical supplies, keep a list of possible needs, and equipment functionality so that you’re never shorthanded when a tool is required